Job Update

I decided to put my resume out there and see what happens. The reason this decision is so difficult is the amount of money that's involved. It's rumored that they need people like me so badly that they're offering huge starting salaries. Enough that it would be college for everyone, huge savings, paid off cars, land, building a house, comfort, investments, anything we ever wanted. If a job that great comes along I don't want to feel like that idiot sitting on a winning lottery ticket. It's going to come down to the actual offer and if I even get one. I wouldn't work forever. The most would be 2 years, but I think one year is enough. I'm great with money and I would use it to benefit all of us and make sure we're covered in emergencies or anything.

Also... I can't go into too much detail, but the job would help people... very much. I would ROCK at it and I would be helping people and stopping others from wrong-doing.

See why this is so hard? I love my boys and I want to be home with them, but is this a sign from God? The odds of us ending up someplace where I could work were very slim. This base and one other were the only options. I have to wonder if maybe we're here for this reason. After all that suffering we're being blessed in outrageously wonderful ways. I knew things would be better for us, but God still amazes me with what He's been doing for us. Then I wonder "is this a test?" ... a massive temptation? What are the odds that our neighbor knows all about employment opportunities and is working in my field?

Anyway... it's lunchtime.

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