Tristan went down at 8 and didn't get up until 5:15!!! So, that's why I'm here. He only ate on one side and after 9 hours I am sweating and in pain. Also of note... when I put him down last night he wasn't asleep. He was too busy laughing at me and making faces to fall asleep while I nursed him. I put him down awake and he talked a little bit and then fell asleep. Good night :) OK I am going back to sleep too!

** update **
It's 9:20 and he's still not up! Noah is awake and being loud, but Tristan is just sleeping away. He must be growing or something. Either that or he's making up for all those nights in the uncomfortable playpen. His butt is straight up in the air, his head is shoved into a corner, and he's sucking his 2 fingers. My baby :)
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