First Night in the Crib!

After last night with Tristan waking up every 2 hours or less, Josh and I got to talking. Tristan is currently in the portable crib in our room, which was definitely not made for long-term sleep arrangements. The mattress is sagging and it looks really uncomfortable. We decided maybe the best solution would be to transfer our little man to his real crib. I put Tris down for his 2nd nap in the big crib. He was looking around at everything and babbled for a bit and then went right to sleep without fussing. He then proceeded to sleep for 3 hours! I put him in the crib tonight also... we'll see how it goes. Right now he's sleeping peacefully and has been for almost 2 hours. I miss those days when he'd sleep for 5+ hours at night. I think that was because he was in his bassinet and it's a lot more sturdy with a firmer mattress. One complaint I do have... I need a nursing chair in his room! I will get one with the tax return. We've got plenty of room for it now :)

Josh and I are going to watch a movie. I'm so glad I waited until the weekend to transition Tristan into his crib so I have some back-up. So far so good!
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