Build A Bear

We took Noah to the Build A Bear workshop and let him make his own triceratops! I was almost disappointed because he didn't seem excited at all, but once we got out of the actual store I could tell he was thrilled. I think it was just too loud and crowded in there for him. He really didn't understand what was going on until it was over. I would have explained it to him, but it was LOUD in there. Poor Tristan lost it a few times from the sound of the "stuffing" machine. He did not like it one bit. We put a roar button in the dinosaur and Noah pushed it as we walked through the mall.

When we got out to the car Noah insisted his dinosaur (which he just calls 3 horn or triceratops) sit in the seat next to him so he could buckle up. He talked to triceratops the whole way home like he was his baby. "You alright? You scared? It's OK. Almost there! You hungry?". He was quite peeved that dinosaur couldn't share his dinner because, as Noah noticed, he has no teeth. I told him he must be a baby like Tristan because Tris doesn't have teeth either.

We didn't do a birth certificate or even bring a box home. I am terrible with hanging onto everything and I don't need one more thing to save, convinced that someday I might maybe possibly scrapbook it into an album.

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