Phinizy Swamp

It was so nice today that we decided to find a nearby park to explore. The Phinizy Swamp Nature Park was the closest and most interesting. I looked it up on flickr first to see if anyone else had been there and if it was worth bringing a camera... and it was! We got a lot of exercise. The wind was blowing pretty hard and the sun was beating down on us so Tristan was covered up most of our adventure. He fell asleep on Josh in the baby carrier for half the time and seemed perfectly content.

The Nature Area was home to all different kinds of birds and waterfowl, foxes, otters, and even alligators. We didn't see anything too spectacular... just some ducks and egrets. The visitors center had stuffed foxes, owls, hawks, ducks, vultures, various birds, and tons of information on educational events and history of the park. It was really well kept and looked like it was pretty new. There were wood trails across the swamp, which didn't smell like a nasty swamp at all. It actually smelled good.

While we were walking the swamp started bubbling like crazy (near where they said the alligators hang out). It went on for quite some time so I thought maybe it was just a pipe or something, but then it suddenly stopped. Maybe it was some kind of swamp critter, but we didn't see anything but the weird bubbles. I am perfectly fine with only seeing bubbles when we have two little ones with us!

On the way home Tristan suddenly discovered his feet and was filled with glee, tugging on his (apparently tasty) little socks. Noah fell asleep. He had been jogging the entire time, trying to keep up with us. I think he really needed the fresh air and exercise... we all did. We will visit this park again for sure.


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