Pendleton-King Park

It was so nice out yesterday that my neighbor and I decided we should take the boys out to the park. Heather has lived here longer than I have so she knew of a pretty sweet park for us to visit. Pendleton-King Park, which is pretty close and easy to get to! We trudged through the woods for about an hour and a half or so. The boys all really enjoyed it. Heather's son, Caleb is 15 months old and SO CUTE! Seriously... it's just scary how cute this little boy is. I'm sure Heather and I will be hanging out more so I will get better pictures.

Some of the trees out there had ginormous leaves. The leaves were bigger than Noah's head!

Spring is coming! Spring is coming!! :D :D hahaha

This Great Blue Heron was just hanigng out in the marshy woods by the trail so we stole a few shots of him. We also saw a bunch of huge tadpoles, within days of sprouting legs and climbing out of the mud puddles. They had a few geese there as well. They were behind a fence YAY! Geese are mean buggers.

They had all kinds of fun things for kids to explore there. There were at least 2 playgrounds . I'm not a big fan of playgrounds because I don't like other peoples' kids AND I am not a "sit and watch" type of mom... I like to get exercise! They also had a totem pole and a big stage and a tank. Apparently Frolf (frisbee golf) is huge over here in Georgia because they have Frolf courses at a lot of their parks and you'll always see people playing.

My only complaint was this flag they had hanging there. The stars are halfway off the stripes, some of the stripes are almost completely ripped off, the rest is tattered at the ends. It's falling apart and there's no way to properly take it down because the dummies planted huge shrubs all the way around it! There also is no lighting for it at night, which is a no-no.

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