I forgot a couple

This is Noah's new puzzle. Josh found it for him. One side has a pirate ship all colored in and the other side is just white. It came with some crayons and we've been working on coloring it in these past few days. Noah loves it of course. He is coloring like a big boy now, trying to stay in the lines. He also draws some pretty cute pictures of bugs and people. I am going to laminate a few to keep. I'll be sure to post them when I have the chance. He just came running in here with his bike helmet on... apparently watching TV can be very dangerous.

I look at this picture of Tristan and I immediately think of my little brother Ben. I am looking for the pic right now, but I swear they look SO MUCH alike! I remember thinking that about Noah as well. I always thought Ben was the cutest baby ever so maybe I am just linking them in my head due to the astronomical levels of cuteness ;)

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