Family Time

Yesterday Noah and I had fruit salad again for a snack and Tristan was extremely interested (as he is during all our meals). I got out the little mesh thing we had for Noah, threw a banana slice, half a grape, and half a strawberry inside and let him go to town. He thoroughly enjoyed it. He successfully managed to suck half the banana piece out and made some serious damage to the grape and strawberry. I think next time I won't put a strawberry in it because of the seeds. Not that he'll choke or anything, but I think they angered him a few times. I really think he's starting to get some teeth, but I don't see them yet. He's drooling like crazy and gnawing on everything he can get his hands on. I'm betting very very soon we'll see the tell-tale "gum bubbles".

Today was perfect weather. I loaded Tristan into the carrier, grabbed Noah's trike, and headed down the road. We walked a very long time. We were gone for at least an hour. Of course I also stopped in the WIC office we just so happened to pass (what a happy accident). We hit up the playground on the way back too. I let Tristan go down the slide with Noah and myself a few times. It's nice to have a playground slide that my butt actually fits on! By time we got home Josh was just pulling in so we all played outside together for a couple hours :)

Attack of the Clones

Baby sammich

me see pictures Mami!

Noah trying to pull me in his wagon.

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