Good Night!

I put Tristan down at 7 last night. He woke back up briefly at 8 to eat and then conked out until 1:30! He woke up again at 4:30 and then slept until 8:30. He's doing so well! I unfortunately didn't go to sleep until after the 1:30 feeding since I was sure it would be pointless to sleep because I knew he'd wake up soon. Dumb. lol I have the worst headache ever today, but I took some motrin and that always works... oh and lots of water. And of course coffee!

We were up late talking with our neighbors. I love them both. They're great and funny and very much like us. YAY! Oh and their son is so stinkin' cute!!! We're going over there on the weekend so Josh and Jeff can watch the pro-bowl (no idea what that is, by the way, but also don't care to know) and Heather and I can just... I don't know... talk! :D I love talking ::drool:: hahaha They live so close I can bring my baby monitor and be able to hear their rooms. We share walls and a fence. How convenient :)

I'm off to call my Daddy! He's turning 67 today. I cannot believe it... 67. He sure doesn't seem like he's 67! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

** update **
Today is not the 6th, it's the 5th... HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE, DAD! haha
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