First Night in the... Crib?

Well Tristan slept really well in his crib until about 11pm (3 hours after we put him down). This is very typical for him. I nursed him and he went right back to sleep. 2am rolls around and I can hear him waking up again... another 3 hours, again very typical for him. I decided to wait it out until he got really fussy to see if he'd go back to sleep. He did! Or at least I think he did because I honestly feel like last night was a big blur. I can't remember if I went and got him at 2am and put him back in our room (for my own comfort) or if he went back to sleep until 4am. I am almost positive he went back to sleep until 4am and then I brought him back to our room because I don't recall nursing twice and I definitely remember feeling very "full" when I finally did feed him. So... then he slept from 4-6 and then 6:30-8:30. I really do think his sleeping has a lot to do with that tiny playpen. All in all I think the night was pretty successful. Once I get a chair in his room everything will be so much better! I nursed on the floor with my back to his closet at 11 last night... not too fun. That's how I was feeding him for that entire week when we were moving out, though so it was OK. Thankfully since he's older he eats a whole lot faster!

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